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wedding coordinator Weddings. A perfect way to start another chapter of a couple’s life. This is the time where two individuals had decided to continue loving and living for a lifetime. As they get engaged, the couple then starts to decide what to prepare. From the minute, finest details to the macro details, the couple has a say. From selecting the final date of the wedding, whether in the church or at the beach, from the fine dresses to the reception, these things need careful and strategic planning. Sometimes, the parents and the relatives have to pitch in their ideas from their own experiences resulting to sometimes, confusion and misunderstand between the couple and the parents for both sides.

Owning to the fast paced and demanding cut throat wedding industry, only the TOP, toughest and most creative survive. When brides became difficult to handle and when the pressure builds in, it all boils down to the team carrying out the couple’s plan. While most of the wedding plans succeed at their own time line, there are other weddings that sadly fail to be what they had planned. The answer to that is simple. Work with the people who are already tested and has the patience and honesty to tell you all the information you need so that both of you [couples] and us [Unique Weddings] will be on the same page. That is where Unique Weddings can help. We iron out things and help you achieve the best for your special day.

Unique Weddings Cebu, included in the TOP 10 Wedding Coordinator Teams in the Philippines, was a result of a dream and a fascination of building an empire that caters out to those who dreamed of having a whimsical and dreamy wedding. They were born out of the passion to serve would be brides and grooms who wanted to look good and feel best during their special day. That day comes only once in their lives and since they needed it to be more than just the ordinary, Unique Weddings helps you make the most practical choices.

Unique Weddings Cebu, included in the Top 10 Wedding Coordinator Teams in the Philippines, is comprised of a small team of passionate and driven individuals who, at the heart and core of their talent, had been giving their very best in everything they do. What started as a simple wedding coordination and planning blossomed into a full blown sustainable business. With the success of our very first wedding coordination, we then continually strive to give the best of what we can to our valued clients. We have been tested time and again with the changing demands of the brides but we still believe in being honest and practical by providing our clients with the service they deserve. With sheer determination, we have been coordinating weddings internationally and had captivated the attention of celebrities who say I Do and cherished their celebrations in private. Countless times, we have invited to take part of big productions and celebrations since we don’t limit our selves and our creativity to weddings. We also cater to other events like debuts, engagement sessions, proposals and birthdays, anniversaries as well corporate events. We have been awarded as the Top Wedding Coordinator in the Philippines and the Only Wedding Coordinator with International Weddings since our official launch in 2012.